Illinois State University

“Grass Roots Media produced our iTour project at Milner Library at Illinois State University. iTour is an iPod-based video tour of the library for ISU students. They were a fantastic asset to this project, which really needed a professional touch to turn it from a good idea to a terrific product. They worked efficiently, effectively and professionally under some demanding conditions; shooting in an academic library is never an easy task. Needless to say, iTour was done on time, on budget, and it looks great. You really need to make Grass Roots your “Go To” resource for all things media related.”

Sean Walton, Instructional Assistant Professor

Interact Medical

“In our location, South Bend, Indiana, there’s not a tremendous number of technical resources so we’re very fortunate to have found Grass Roots and developed the sort of relationship we have because we’re busy doing lots of things and it’s great to have a vendor you can rely on to carry their load.

We always encourage our clients to include Grass Roots, and we’ll just turn it over to Grass Roots and let them work directly with our clients.”


Smoker Craft, Inc.

“I think the thing that has been most beneficial to us is the ability for Grass Roots to take a project and run with it. In the past we’ve had to babysit a project through, and I think with Grass Roots we’ve been able to give a directive and summarize what we’re trying to accomplish for the project–but at the same time Grass Roots has taken the project on its own, knowing what we’ve wanted, defining that from the beginning–and then moving forward with it.

We’re a good sized company but at the same time we don’t have a lot of overhead internally devoted to our marketing department and the ability to outsource that through Grass Roots has been a huge advantage.”

Phil Smoker, Sales Manager

Peoplelink Staffing Solutions

“My company has worked with Grass Roots a number of times on very high-level, detailed projects. In each case, the projects were handled professionally and with a great deal of creativity. For any media-related projects, we would not hesitate to contact the Grass Roots team.”

Jay Mattern, Chief Operating Officer

Electronics Inc.

“I have no experience in putting together a video, lining the script up with the animation, with the photographs and music–and I had ideas of what I wanted to do and the general direction I wanted to go and I knew what I was trying to accomplish in a big picture–but putting it all together was really going to be difficult for me.

The other quotes that I had received were just one paragraph, four to five minute video, X number of dollars, and it wasn’t really easy for me to perceive exactly what they were thinking. Grass Roots actually sat down and narrated the ideas they had in terms of the script, what animation was going on at a certain time, and kind of took me through that and made me very comfortable with it.

I would most definitely recommend Grass Roots and I think the biggest reason is, while it’s a smaller company, it produces larger company results. They take your initial thought and project definition and expand on that, make it exactly what you were looking for but add some creatively to it that I might not have been expecting.”

Tom Brickley, Vice President

Mack Tool & Engineering

“It was very nice that one company could produce all the media that I was looking for: the paper media, the Internet media, and the video media all at once because it gave it all a consistent look and feel. When people see my business cards, when people see the video, when people see the website, everything looks like it was done at one time in a nice professional manner.”

Paul Hartz, President